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Establishing a constant awareness of the practices needed to provide your employees with quality guidance and assistance in becoming a healthier and more productive staff can be a daunting task.

An Occupational Health Partner on-site Employee Health Program will endeavor to increase the well-being and productivity of your employees by fostering all aspects of employee health. Initiating an on-site Employee Health Program at your company will establish a detached and confidential environment for your employees to address health issues, promote awareness of positive health behaviors, motivate employees to voluntarily adopt healthier behaviors, and provide opportunities for a supportive environment, encouraging positive lifestyle changes.

OHP Employee Health Programs can help your business manage the health and wellness of your staff by providing services such as:

  • Consult on reducing preventable communicable diseases within the organization
  • Maintain current records of immunization status of employees
  • Compile, track and coordinate tests or lab results for various exams
  • Review any lab results and direct the notification of employees
  • Provide employee and pre-employment physicals as needed
  • Provide documentation for physicals in a timely manner
  • Review all pre-employment medical documentation for health impairment that would pose risk or prevent essential functions of the position from being fulfilled
  • Provide return to work physicals, as required
  • Maintain return to work record collection
  • EAP referrals as necessary
  • Manage and deliver OSHA required respiratory evaluations and fit testing
  • Review of health histories, immunizations, and PPD status
  • Follow up and review of all labs
  • Deliver necessary notifications of results
  • Creation and maintenance of independent employee health records system with coordination of organization team if required
  • Injections and vaccinations as needed per policy
  • Maintain integrity of employee health records
  • Triage for work related illnesses (non-treatment)
  • Provide non-emergency, non-work related illness and first aid injury care when needed
  • Manage notification and follow up appointment process for employee health related issues
  • Ensure the protection of all privileged health information is received and maintained with confidentiality
  • Engage employee safety, health and wellness (to be defined individually)
  • Promote a culture of health and wellness for all employees
  • One on one health coaching as needed
  • Monitor and aim for improved employee health services organization wide
  • Execute policies, procedures and quality evaluations of employee health programs/results
  • Provide necessary employee health surveillance reports as needed
  • Consult on aspects of health and safety in the workplace, with a strong focus on primary prevention of hazards
  • Initiate wellness programs, including health-risk assessments and screenings; behavior modification programs and health education
  • Execute routine health maintenance in the form of self-report questionnaires for staff
  • Initiate training sessions on topics such as infectious diseases, chemical exposure and the use of personal protective equipment


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