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    • 19 FEB 13
    DOT Physicals

    DOT (Department of Transportation) examinations are required by federal law and detect the presence of physical, mental, and emotional issues that could affect a driver’s ability to work safely. New regulations require that a driver pass all DOT physical requirements in order to receive their CDL medical card.  These physicals will be completed by our nationally certified DOT provider.

    DOT physical exam include:

    • Past or recent illnesses and injuries (including head and brain injuries)
    • Vision acuity
    • Hearing disorders
    • Heart disorders
    • High blood pressure
    • Muscular weakness or disease
    • Diabetes
    • Digestion
    • Respiratory problems
    • Lung, kidney, liver, and nervous system health

    You must meet all of the health requirements in order to pass your DOT physical exam.