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    Flu Vaccine Clinics

    Get a Return on Your Immunization

    Up to 20% of the nation’s workforce gets sick with the flu each year, and each of those employees loses an average of 5 work days annually

    Companies lose millions of dollars due to absenteeism and increased medical costs

    Make it a policy to vaccinate your employees against the flu every year to maximize performance

    Your bottom line, and your healthy employees, will thank you!

    On-site Clinics Include

    Education and communication before, during, and after the clinic

    Immunization-trained Registered Nurses

    Coordination, registration, set-up, and administration of the clinic

    Biometric Screenings Can Be a Great Addition to a Flu Clinic

    Get a sense of the health of your employee population

    Provide employees with data on current and potential medical issues

    Help employees recognize strategies for disease prevention and better health

    • Learn more about on-site flu clinics & biometric screenings

      With on-site clinic capability, Occupational Health Partners can save your company time and money by conducting on-site flu clinics.  Call us at 802-747-1753 to speak with one of our representatives for more information, or use the link below to contact us today.