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    • 22 FEB 13
    Return-to-Work Plans

    We offer customized, active rehabilitation programs to help patients return to work. Our primary goals are to help patients understand their injury, maximize their daily functioning, and attain a lasting return to work by reducing the impact of medical, physical, functional, and psychosocial barriers to recovery.

    Based on a patient’s needs, services may include a combination of the following elements:

    • Physical therapy
    • Physical and functional baseline testing (for treatment purposes)
    • Flexibility, strengthening, and cardiovascular exercises
    • Work simulation
    • Education modules
    • Job site visits
    • Team conferences
    • Return to work support services
    • Medical support
    • Psychological treatment and support


    All people want to return to good health after an injury. Many want to be released from medical care and seek approval to return to work as soon as possible. While wanting to return to work is common, some job requirements or employer policies may also have an influence on how soon you may be released from medical care and approved for full or restricted duty.