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    • 22 FEB 13
    Drug & Alcohol Testing

    Alcohol and illicit drug use at work adversely affects employees and increases costs to the employer. Workplace drug abuse often results in lower productivity, higher workers’ compensation claims, more time away from work, and higher medical costs. It also has been linked to crime on the job and can affect employee mood and well-being.

    Routine, random drug testing is of tantamount importance for employers maintaining a Drug Free Workplace.  We perform pre-employment screening,  loss or accident testing, and random drug testing. We currently work with eScreen and FormFox.

    • Comprehensive drug and alcohol screenings for employers and employees, include:
    • Pre-employment screenings
    • Reasonable suspicion screenings
    • Random and post-accident drug and alcohol screenings
    • Breath alcohol and urine drug testing that meet DOT and non-DOT standards